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Inner Resonance was born in 2018 with the intention of bringing a range of authentic offerings to support and guide others to experience connection with their inner path of healing and sacredness. 


Naomi offers yoga, meditation, Reiki and sound, featuring Tibetan singing bowls, native American flute and shamanic drum. Classes, Sacred Circles, workshops and private sessions are held online, in Sydney and on Gumbaynggirr lands. 


Welcome home to the adobe of your Inner Resonance. 

Naomi's Journey

Although I was born and raised in Sydney Australia, I have always felt a deep connection with the land, the stars, animals, and spirit. Seeking deeper inward connection led me to meditation, yoga and Reiki in the mid-1990s. Since my late teens, I have experienced periods of chronic back pain and for a time, fibromyalgia. For some years, my practice evolved off the mat as I walked the path of motherhood. In early 2017, a debilitating flare up of chronic back pain gifted me the opportunity to return to my personal yoga and meditation practice with a renewed inward focus. Trusting my intuition and choosing the path of growth and opportunity continues to support my healing from a place of connection with my Inner Resonance. It is a path of continual learning and growth.


In the mid-1990's I practiced remedial massage therapy and Reiki and was initiated as a Reiki Master. In 2006, I completed a Bachelor of Science (Advanced, Honours), majoring in psychology and neuroscience which led me to work in psycho-oncology research and palliative care strategy and service development. Since returning to my yoga mat with renewed purpose, I've completed 350hr Yoga Teacher Training at Inhale Life, 125hrs Yin and Mindfulness Teacher Training with Sarah Owen, Meditation Facilitator Training at Adore Yoga and Sacred Circle Facilitator Training with Kate Schubert. i am currently studying in two areas - Shamanic Bodywork and Celebrancy. I am deeply grateful to have experienced, grounded teachers who have chosen the path of personal commitment to authenticity, humility and integrity. I honour and acknowledge you - thank you for leading the way.

I am proud to live on Gumbaynggirr lands and offer my deepest respect and gratitude to our first nations peoples and our ancestors from all lineages. I honour their wisdom, healing, magic and prayers that are woven into these sacred lands. May I continue to learn from the lands, from Spirit with an open heart - to acknowledge, feel, receive and integrate this timeless wisdom into my life with authenticity, humility and respect.



Meditation and Sound Bath

* First Sunday of each month - 8pm - 8:45pm

A guided practice for deep rest and replenishment. May include a Yin pose, Yoga Nidra and breathwork as well as a soothing sound bath with singing bowls, flute and more.

* Third Sunday of each month - 10am - 10.45am

A grounding guided practice with a focus on connection and community. Includes a soothing sound bath with singing bowls, flute and more.

Sessions are offered online via Zoom. 

Details and bookings HERE

Individual Sessions

As human beings, we are each unique and there is tremendous beauty in that. An individual session will be tailored to your needs, working with the subtle flow of energy to help restore vitality and connect you with your Inner Resonance. 


Energetic Bodywork sessions may include elements of Reiki and subtle energy, crystals and sound healing. Yoga postures, guided meditation and mentoring are also offered to meet your individual needs. 

Mentoring sessions are offered to support you on your personal journey. Sessions are tailored to your needs and can incorporate talking, energy work, sound and more, tailored to your needs.

Individual sessions are usually offered online via Zoom.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Sacred Ceremonies

Held online each month

Sacred Circles offer an opportunity to come together in community and connect in ways that are well known in ancient cultures and traditions. Through the ceremonial honouring of sacredness within ourselves, each other, the natural world and spirit, there is the opportunity for deep, soulful connection and healing. Within the container of Sacred Circle, you will be guided through  embodiment practices such as yoga and meditation. There will be time for sharing, silence and deep listening. With this circle, space is held with gentleness, compassion and steadiness, inviting hearts to open and magic to unfold. Sacred Circles are held monthly online, usually around the time of the full moon.

For upcoming Sacred Circles, visit my Events page or enquire HERE

Yoga and Meditation

The word 'yoga' means to yoke or unite. It is the union of the inner Self, the spirit, that part of you that is eternal and pure of heart. Yoga is a personal practice, an inward journey, an outward expression. As Donna Farhi would say, yoga is far more than a "sophisticated stretch class"! It is a practice open to anyone with the curiosity to roll out a mat. Naomi offers gentle guidance in an intuitive practice that supports each person to listen to their body and explore mindful movement and stillness with curiosity.

Naomi offers a variety of styles including Yin, Hatha and slow mindful flow. 


Sound is vibration. In it's simplest form, the primordial vibration is the syllable OM or AUM. Sound is a potent healer that transcends the logical mind, venturing into the depths of our being, our Inner Resonance. Naomi loves incorporating sound into her offerings - she is rarely seen without several Tibetan singing bowls or a native American flute! Her shamanic drum also features, especially in Sacred Circles and Workshops.  


At it's essence, Reiki is Universal Life Force. Reiki is an ancient healing art that resurfaced in Japan in the early 1900's through Dr Mikao Usui. Reiki is the energy that sustains life, it is the unifying energy of connection. A treatment can be shared in person using the laying of hands or from a distance. Reiki is a subtle, potent healing energy. 

Reiki treatments are offered in person or at a distance. Please get in touch to find out more.

Special Events

Details of upcoming workshops, Sacred Circles and more can be found HERE



ThankIf you want to immerse your senses in a healing experience rich in sound and traditional ancient wisdom, then treat yourself to one of Naomi's sacred circles. She guides you through a gentle, yet loving experience, that will leave you feeling connected to everything seen and unseen. Naomi's circles are healing and so soul nurturing. Thank you Naomi



Naomi understands true yoga! She allows you to come as you are and reconnect/discover your true authentic self every single time you are sharing your practice with her! She is a truly nurturing and welcoming teacher and I would recommend her to anyone from a beginner to advanced stage in their personal yoga practice. Amazing!


Naomi embodies inner peace and joy in her meditations


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